019014 – Charge Controller, 12-24V, 20A, MPPT, LVD, CIS-MPPT-85/20


Phocos CIS-MPPT-85/20

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CIS-MPPT Series Charge Controller

Phocos’ innovative MPPT technology yields up to 30% more energy than PWM controllers. In addition their signature Power+TM current limiter allows for oversizing PV power by up to 50% for winter months without damage in summer months.

The CIS-MPPT controllers are optimized to work with 60-cell modules. They ensure maximum performance and yield from all types of PV systems year-round and in any environment.

Phocos’ CIS-MPPT controllers are equipped with 2 year datalogging memory.

Application examples:
• SCADA Systems
• RVs
• Solar Message Boards
• Solar Lighting
• Security/Surveillance
• Wifi/Repeater Stations
• Transportation