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  • AC/DC Inverter, 2000W, 12VDC, 120VAC, True Sine XAN PROwatt SW 2000

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  • Side of Pole Mount, 1 Module OEM 20/40

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  • AC/DC Inverter-Charger, 2500W, 24VDC, 120VAC,OUT OBX-IC2524P

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  • Specialty Module, 5.0W, 0.52A, 9.1V

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  • Solar Module, 12 Watt, Polymer Coated, SunWize, SC12-6V

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  • VTC72-32-12 Analytic Systems 72 Watt DC-DC Converter

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  • Xantrex XW Connection Kit For INV2

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  • Schneider Inverter Accessory SW-AC Breaker Panel 120/240V RNW865-1017

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  • Xantrex 50′ LinkLITE Connection Kit

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  • Midnite Solar 40A Classic MPPT Charge Controller no LVD

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  • Battery, 12V, 170Ah at C/100, AGM, Outback 170RE

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  • Steca 10 Amp solar charge controller PR1010

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  • Solar Module, 5.2 Watt, 8.7V, 0.6A, SunWize

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  • Solar Module, 3.1 Watt, 17.4V, 0.180A, SunWize

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  • DLS-75 – Iota 75A DLS Series Battery Charger – 12V

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  • DLS-90 – 90A DLS Series Battery Charger – 12V

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