Custom Solar Modules Engineered For Battery Operated Products

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Trust Sunwize to manufacture and integrate custom-engineered solar modules for your portable electronics needs. We’ve been manufacturing custom off-grid solar panels for over 15 years!

A SunWize® Specialty Module is a convenient and cost effective way to increase battery life by maintaining the battery’s state-of-charge. SunWize manufactures and integrates custom engineered solar modules into battery operated products. Whether you are developing a new product or modifying an existing product, SunWize will design a solar power source based on your product’s unique capabilities. The embedded solar module assures your customers that your product is completely reliable and will save them the time of specifying their own solar supply. Extended battery life lowers the product life-cycle cost. The battery remains in operation while being recharged so an external charging device is not required. SunWize modules also eliminate the need for alkaline battery use and disposal. SunWize offers advanced photovoltaic technology, diverse solutions and practical approaches for battery charging.

specialty solar modules
custom built solar
specialty solar modules
custom built solar
specialty solar modules
specialty solar modules
specialty solar modules

Need Engineering Services?

  • Feasibility studies
  • Preliminary design
  • Preparation of detailed design drawings and specifications
  • Prototype manufacture
  • Module manufacture
  • Module-system integration
  • System certification testing

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    • Optical sensors
    • Traffic counters
    • Electric fence chargers
    • Security systems
    • Utility meters
    • Geopysical instruments
    • Satellite/cell phone charging
    • Oil and gas well flow meters

  • Marine telemetry systems
  • Marine seismic systems
  • Traffic warning devices
  • Global positioning systems
  • Consumer product displays
  • Consumer electronics
  • Outdoor lighting systems
  • Weather monitoring systems

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