Roadside Data Collection For Self-Driving Cars

With the advent of fully and semi-autonomous rides, our remote solar array and battery designs provide reliable and consistent power for roadside data collection, and other remote needs that require SCADA.

Self Driving Cars MonitoringCWith the advent of fully and semi-autonomous rides, the smart car of the near future will have GPS short-range wireless network interfaces, receivers, and may have access to in-car sensors and the Internet. They will be able to interact with roadside wireless sensor networks on roads where these networks are deployed, which is essential to the success of the smart highway concept.

This requires a large number of sensor nodes to be deployed in remote areas that can generate data and send this data through wireless communications. At SunWize Power we have aggressively pursued cutting-edge remote solar battery systems to meet the needs of advancing technologies. Our remote solar array and batteries provide reliable and consistent power for roadside data collection, and other remote needs that require SCADA. (SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is the computerized system used for gathering and analyzing real-time data, that can then communicate with a driver-free vehicle’s to control equipment, slowing it down or stopping it if needed to avoid accidents.)

Self-driving cars are rapidly moving from futuristic fantasy to reality of the near future. Imagine relaxing on your morning commute while enjoying breakfast and catching up with your email.

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Advantages of Remote Solar Energy

SunWize remote power solutions provide numerous advantages when used to monitor self-driving cars

– Solar panel charges a battery while powering monitoring systems
– Battery power lasts several days when in use
– Reduces grid power consumption costs
– Allows for constant monitoring 24/7
– Customized for specific power requirements due to monitoring standards


At Sunwize, we have a long history of working with transportation departments to power roadside data collection equipment. Solar power and battery backups are the ideal solution for powering collection equipment over short or long periods of time in any location, whether or not it has access to the power grid. Solar power systems and batteries by Sunwize are cost-effective, ruggedly designed and meet industry standards for maximum lifespan and reliability.

Our Sunwize Power Online systems, for instance, can be pole-mounted and tied into the power grid, yet provide uninterrupted power in the case of power loss. These systems are outdoor rated for environmental extremes and provide reliable power. For locations without access to the utility grid, our Power Ready Systems provide stand-alone solar power for continuous and reliable power to remote sites.

Our highly-experienced solar engineering staff can design a rugged power system to meet your project’s specific electrical, logistical, and environmental requirements.

Quotation Process

Given the variety of requirements for noise monitoring equipment and the solar isolation requirements of your specific zone, it is highly recommended to contact our team to assist you in designing a solar power system demands. Upon speaking with our team, providing information on your project’s power requirements, we will assess your needs and provide an quote for your integrated power system that includes an appropriately-sized solar power array, battery bank, control assembly, cost and lead time.

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