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The financial benefits of solar power present an interesting opportunity for the savvy investor looking to diversify their portfolio.

Like most major purchases, the best return on investment (ROI) from a home solar system will typically be realized by those with the means to make a cash purchase. Historical analysis often shows annual returns of 10% or greater. That’s not to say that financing options are not compelling.

When we analyze the financial benefits of solar power for homeowners the following factors typically come into play:

  1. Cost of the system
  2. Current monthly electricity bill
  3. Historical rate increases (used as a model for future rate hikes)
  4. Warranty (expected lifespan of the solar panels and other equipment)
  5. Federal and state incentives
  6. Cash purchase vs. financing options

Like any investment, research is what will lead to the best ROI. At SunWize we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a no-pressure, accurate, in depth analysis to our potential customers with our free home solar assessments.

If you’re not ready to commit the 1-2 hours required for a home solar assessment we would like to point you to our solar ROI calculator. Or, if you’d just like to have a few of your initial questions answered, please give us a call. Our solar experts are standing by.

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