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We've completed major projects for the military, the National Park Service, local municipalities, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. For federal agencies, we offer a selection of GSA-listed installed systems. Unlike most companies in the industry, we've been designing, engineering and installing systems since 1992. SunWize engineers will design a commercial solar power system tailored to meet your financial goals and your facility's power requirements.

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Utilizing ballasted racking solutions SunWize engineers have designed systems which are proven to stand up to severe wind loads and extreme weather. Furthermore, SunWize commercial systems are engineered to meet roof loading and penetration requirements to maintain any existing roof warranty you may have. Learn more...

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Win - Win. That is the best description for a SunWize solar carport installation. Produce renewable electricity and provide shade and protection from inclement weather. Learn more...

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If you have an area of land available that is not creating value for your business, a solar ground mount system deserves a second look. Learn more...

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Maximize your power production. Trackers pivot your solar panels on either a single axis or a double axis, changing their orientation as the sun moves across the sky. Learn more...