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Engineering Bulletins for Off-Grid Solar Systems
SunWize engineers frequently publish bulletins about off-grid solar systems, components and issues related to the sizing, installation and maintenance of power systems for industrial applications. Many of our customers find this information valuable for increasing their personal knowledge of solar and helping to grow their business. Our current engineering bulletins are listed below and available in pdf format.

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Solar – A Reliable Power Source

1. Better Backup Power for Outdoor Equipment … Download PDF
2. When a Solar System Makes Sense for Remote Site Power … Download PDF
3. Solar Electric Systems and Power Reliability … Download PDF

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The Science of PV Systems

1. Are Solar Modules Economically Efficient … Download PDF
2. Benefits of Using Solar Batteries … Download PDF
3. How Long Does it Take to Recharge Solar Batteries … Download PDF
4. How Tough Are Solar Modules … Download PDF
5. Power vs. Energy … Download PDF
6. PV Module Efficiency … Download PDF
7. Solar Power for AC Equipment … Download PDF
8. Why Isn't a 12V Module Really 12V … Download PDF

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PV System Design

1. PV Array Sizing … Download PDF
2. Load Voltages & Efficiency … Download PDF
3. Loss of Load Probability … Download PDF
4. Seven  Benefits of Solar Hybrid Systems … Download PDF
5. Snowed In … Download PDF
6. Solar Radiation and System Design … Download PDF
7. Guidelines for Choosing a SunWize Power System … Download PDF

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Site Logistics

1. Cut Down on Generator Fuel Costs with Solar … Download PDF
2. Difficult Site Challenges … Download PDF
3. Logistical Considerations … Download PDF
4. SunWize System Design Protects Your Investment … Download PDF

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Industrial Solar Applications and Case Studies

1. Battery Backup for Critical Facility Loads / Case Study … Download PDF
2. Dry Tortugas / Case Study … Download PDF
3. Remote Site Monitoring … Download PDF
4. Security Monitoring / Case Study … Download PDF
5. Using Solar for Cathodic Protection … Download PDF
6. Well Site Monitoring and Control … Download PDF