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Which SunWize product is the best power solution for your outdoor equipment?

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SunWize is Your Company's Solar Engineering Department

image description Our solar power systems will lower your installation and maintenance costs while providing reliable power where you need it, year round in all weather conditions.

SunWize solar engineering provides industry and government with cost-effective and dependable solar power systems for outdoor equipment where utility power is unavailable or impractical.

Our solar engineering expertise includes off-grid solar power systems and solar hybrid systems which can include generators, fuel cells, or wind turbines for micro-grids or as secondary energy sources. We also provide UPS systems for DC equipment connected to the utility to ensure no interruptions in operation.

Exceptional Customer Experience

image description Your dedicated sales manager will be with you from the solar engineering and design through delivery and for the lifetime of the solar power system.

Our sales team assists you in determining which standard SunWize solar power system is suitable for your project and which of the many options meet your specific power requirements. Our skilled solar engineering team designs the most robust and economical solution possible for each customer.

• All solar power system designs are factory verified for performance, reliability and function.
Each power system is factory assembled into major sub-assemblies to reduce field installation time and cost by minimizing onsite wiring and preparation.
Sub-assemblies are packaged to withstand rugged transportation to remote sites.
An installation, operation and maintenance manual is provided with every solar power system.