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Solar Panel Power Systems for Hospitals

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Solar installations in hospital settings require special attention and care as the systems that provide support to doctors and patients are critical and must not be interrupted, SunWize was able execute each of these installations with precision. Hospitals trust SunWize.

Because of their heavy electricity consumption hospitals are good candidates for solar power. VA hospitals find clean power, which has been generated here in the United Sates to be especially appealing. Not only is solar power a financially sound investment, but it is also a good fit with their mission.

Solar Benefits to Industry
Provides an alternative source of energy, which offers energy redundancy, especially during peak demand periods of the day.

SunWize Value Proposition
Plans installation during fringe hours in order to minimize impact on critical hospitals operations.
Participates in the health industry organizations and events, including Practice Green Health, Clean Med, and Healthcare Without Harm.

VA Hospitals

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